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May 27, 2005

Another new link

I've been trying to look over as many blogs on the left recently as the right (remember as I stated earlier, you can learn a lot by knowing how the opposition thinks), I encountered another Blue Stater blog to add to the list (sorry Cari, but I'm sure you knew that you would not be the sole member of this group forever). The Abysmal Kingdom of Mike, like Drunk on Democracy runs with a more personal touch, but there is no doubt that it belongs in the blue state category, particularly with the list of dead soldiers from the War in Iraq covering about half the page (I'd be interested to see a list of names of those who died in mass graves in Iraq under Saddam myself). Mike runs a site focusing on his love of art and his A-School work, and while I might be able to gain some inspiration of my own from his blog for a post, I must say that he has some very impressive pictures. Mike appears to have a lot of talent in photography and an eye for good pictures.

I know to Mike, I must seem like a bit of an extremist, but I'm sure we can find some common ground. At least reading each other's blogs might be a good start. So, give The Abysmal Kingdom of Mike a look, even if for nothing besides some fine photography.