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July 11, 2005

Around the Horn

- Senator Hillary Clinton puts her foot in her mouth, again. Though, the question remains if she ever takes it out.

- How is it that when a Republican associates his or herself with religion in any form, it is against seperation of church and state (which itself is a fallacy), but it is perfectly all right for a Democrat to be prominently featured (and usually preach, as well) at a church?

- This cartoon at Cox and Forkum, as usual, is spot on. What may be worse though is that the actions that will be taken by many Democratic Senators could hurt all senators; next year is an election year for a third of the Senate, and there may be a high turnover (for both Republicans and Democrats) if they keep playing these games.

- President Bush spoke earlier today to the FBI training academy at Quantico, VA earlier today. Bush stayed on target, and continued to push the Patriot Act. The need for security in this nation has been reiterated through the attacks in the UK; ignoring this will only prove our complacency.

- This Tom Cruise/Katie Holmes thing keeps getting weirder. Though, I would be willing to bet that a lot of this is because Katie Holmes is still so starstruck over her teenage crush; regardless, the biggest shame is that she is being isolated from her family because of her new ties to Scientology. (Normally, I would ignore Hollywood gossip, as I feel it wastes time better spent on many other things, but this whole situation is quite disconcerting).

- John Hawkins over at Right Wing News debunks eight (very poor) myths that continue to be perpetuated by a number of Democrats and liberals. What's more, he posts some of the e-mails from the moonbats who disagree with him (even as they offer little in the way of rational argument), most coming from Fark. Note, I am not going to link to Fark, as it might be considered offensive to some. However, for those who wish to read some of the feedback of the members of Fark, click on the link indicated by the infinity sign next to the area of text marked
"Debunking" eight anti-war myths about the conflict in Iraq
Again, proceed only if you are not offended by strong language and suggestive elements. Also, Right Wing News contains some slightly altered language from the text included in the e-mails, so be warned.

- The Space Shuttle will be making its return to space for the first time since the Columbia crash on Feb. 1, 2003. Normally, I am against greater spending by the federal government, but STS-114 is among many space missions which have allowed us to learn a little more about our world and how it works in the Universe. Please put your support behind these brave men and women; hopefully, future missions might be run privately and with greater safety in more modern spacecraft.

- And finally, with the All-Star game tomorrow evening, the Baltimore Orioles finished the first half of the season strong, taking 3 of 4 games from the AL East leading Boston Red Sox, cutting their lead against Baltimore to 2 games. Baltimore is 47-40, compared to 37-48 at the same time last year. While Miguel Tejada's Home Run Derby record was smashed tonight by Bobby Abreu, he and three other Orioles (this year's surprise Brian Roberts, the consistently solid Melvin Mora, and reliable closer B.J. Ryan) can still contribute a lot to an AL win this year, and, with any luck, an AL East Championship.