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July 21, 2005

What I hope, think, or know will happen after today's bombings

- Fortunately, this attack left only one dead, but it is not a complete failure for the terrorists just two weeks after the first attack. A nation still reeling from the last attack is again facing more fear. But one would hope that they hold their resolve and remain calm.

- The Londoner's were, generally, more angry than scared after the first attack. Today's attack will likely produce many pissed Britons, which will likely give Prime Minister Tony Blair another boost in his popularity, as well as for the War on Terror.

- This hopefully will increase the urgency of added security in Britain; it's all well and good that the Londoners did not cower from the attacks, but they should not put themselves at undue risk by ignoring the problem. This attack was believed to be intended to kill, and they got lucky that it didn't.

- The relationship between the United States and Britian should again get stronger. Also, Australia has proven it's unity with both the United States and Britain. Prime Minister John Howard of Australia has been a great ally, and these attacks shall only bond the three counties even closer.

- Again, the BBC did not shy away from the word "terror" on the day of an attack. But the BBC, infamous for being less likely to avoid a liberal spin, very quickly moved from "terrorists" to "bombers" after the first attack. I hope that this will convince the British media that there is a distinction between truly repressed groups and evil ideologists.