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August 30, 2005

The Cavalier Daily, just your standard "non-partisan" college media outlet

The Cavalier Daily thinks it can fool University of Virginia students into thinking that there are no biases there. Today gives little reason to believe that.

First, a letter was written to the Cav Daily about the first College Republicans meeting. Sarah Puckett came to this meeting and was shocked, shocked, that the CRs were trying to pump up the students attending. She probably shouldn't be; while all in attendance likely had an interest in politics, what will keep them coming back is seeing that it can be fun. The "prominent Democrat", namely Tim Kaine, is indeed a liberal. If that offends her, then I think she was at the wrong meeting.

She also made a gross misstatement (if not an outright lie).
Proudly holding his blow horn, the speaker bragged of how he came up behind this particular leader and shouted "Liberal!" into his ear.
There certainly was a demonstration last year, but this gentleman certainly wasn't playing a stealth game in sneaking behind Kaine. Rather, those present were waiting for him as he arrived and were in plain view, ready to challenge him. Tim Kaine was most certainly surprised, but he was hardly at risk for permenant hearing damage, as Ms. Puckett might suggest.

Regardless, a response is almost certain by the leadership of the University of Virginia College Republicans. Such accusations are never ignored, and she will be directly challenged. Perhaps, Ms. Puckett would reconsider and come back for one more meeting.

Though, to be honest, I have to wonder if she was a plant. It has happened before, and I see little to suggest from this letter that Ms. Puckett is really a conservative. Just saying.

Second is a guest perspective from Todd Aman, former President of the Asian Student Union, concerning recent racist attacks on grounds. He is correct to challenge them, but rather than attacking the problem (that is, racists), he writes a column about diversity. Um, hello? Might want to stay on topic Mr. Aman. He suggests additional forums and more "imagination" in protests. These are ineffective means of eliminating the problem, particularly if the offender is not a student at the University of Virginia. Forums? Racists won't attend and thus won't be affected, meaning no solution. Protests? They can be effective, sometimes, but most of the time (particularly when using "imagination"), they just tend to piss people off, again meaning no solution has been found. It is more of the same with no additional results. Do not make this about diversity; there are an array of viewpoints there, unlike real racism, which is not greatly disputed.

The only way to get to the racists is to send a clear, unequivocal message to them. Arrest them. Publicize these arrests. When arrested, directly challenge these people will more appropriate viewpoints and reason. There may not be much that can be done about changing their viewpoints, but at the very least, these inappropriate attacks will start to drop.

What remains on the opinion page? A letter stating that evolution and creation do not compete, a view that certainly is not embraced by conservatives in general, and some pieces that may not be fully claimed by either side. Yes, it is only one day, but this is far from strange. Normally, this portion of the Cavalier Daily appears this way. But should we be surprised? They are part of the MSM after all.