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October 26, 2005

Around the Horn

- Nothing yet to report on the potential indictments over Plamegate, though Michelle Malkin speculates on the possibility of no indictments.

- Michelle Malkin also has more to say about the exploitation of the soldiers who have died in the Iraq conflict. Sometimes, I am not surprised by the integrity of some on the left...

- Until I see stuff like this. Lowell and the others at Raising Kaine have made a lot of noise everytime they think that Jerry Kilgore lies, yet they have been quiet about this. Hmm, are they really looking for a liar or just a way to attack Jerry Kilgore?

- The Chicago White Sox have won their first World Series in 88 years. They swept the Houston Astros in four games, though do not let that number fool you; this was a great series, and every game was competitive. For more than seven decades, two pairs of Sox collected filth, only to cleanse themselves in just two seasons, so maybe next year, the Baltimore Orioles can fly high.

- And two pieces to go into the "this is news?" bin. First, white is apparently the new orange this Halloween. Then, since the WNBA does not get her enough attention (though, let's face it, how much attention do any of us pay to it?), Sheryl Swoopes decides she needs all eyes on her, even though there is actual sports news to be covered.

UPDATE 2:00 PM: Looks like Tim Kaine's campaign pulled their ads from the blog featuring the picture of "Sambo". Good move Kaine.