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October 30, 2005

The Washington Post Poll

Tim Kaine is gaining momentum...at least, that is what the Washington Post would have you believe. Of course, Lowell is positively giddy over this news. But is it trustworthy? The Washington Post is not exactly friendly to Republicans, having already endorsed Tim Kaine for governor, so, is there a bias in the poll?

The short answer is, maybe. It would be hard to make a case on this particular poll that the Washington Post rigged this poll, but Chad notes how it might still be biased. Sunday, being the day of church, football, and NASCAR, tends to keep most Republicans (and a few, though far fewer, Democrats) busy. With less Republicans available to poll, the numbers will be skewed. Don't believe me? Then tell me how Southwest Virginia, the reddest region of the Commonwealth, is polling even or behind for Jerry Kilgore. I am sure most reasonable Democrats, not to mention most "moderates" and Republicans, are questioning those numbers.

Regardless, this race is far from over. After attending yesterday's Countdown to Victory rally, it was very apparent from the candidates that they believe this. They are each confident that a win is on the way, but only if they continue to get the support from the grassroots efforts.

On a side note, it was interesting to read the comments following Chad's post on the new poll. I've never seen so many responses by Chad, though Lowell was egging him on (big surprise, right?). Should Tim Kaine pull out a win on November 8th, I am sure we will never hear the end of it, but it should be interesting to see Lowell's response when Jerry Kilgore is named the winner.