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November 01, 2005

Around the Horn

- To start things off, Kilo is back and posting again. Welcome back to the blogosphere Kilo!

- The ninth Commonwealth Carnival has been posted at RiverCity Rapids. I have not submitted since Week One, but I have not forgotten about the carnival. I will submit again soon.

- Chad has some very professionally-made advertisements from his 2003 campaign online. While these ads are great, Chad is displaying the professional work by Tom McCrystal, who is running for state delegate here in the challenging 57th district. Give Chad's ads a look (Governor Chad Dotson in 2010 anyone?) and support Tom McCrystal in the 57th.

- Old Zach notes that 50 Cent is defending the president from Kanye West. I would guess that 50 Cent is not a conservative, but this is a very classy gesture. One has to wonder why Kanye did not figure that he could isolate many people by those comments.

- I am sure most people here are familiar with the political cartoons released online last year concerning the presidential election. For anyone more famiiar with flash cartoons (the movie format that these cartoons came out as), Homestar Runner has been very popular in recent years. The most anticipated release each year is the Halloween special; unfortunately, they came one hour late (at least in Eastern Standard Time) this year, but the wait was worth it. This year's Halloween special runs off of the Choose-Your-Own Adventure style that has been popular with many children for the last quarter century. As always, this cartoon is hilarious (I'd suggest a PG rating for most, considering allusions of excrement and alcohol), and even Homestar Runner's impression of Ronald Reagan can draw a few chuckles.

- And of course, who can forget the new selection for the Supreme Court by President Bush, Sam Alito? While I was waiting to reserve judgment on Harriet Miers, I cannot find any reason to criticize Alito. He is a strict enforcer of the Constitution and Democrats hate him. What more could we want?