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December 28, 2005

Around the Horn

- SacramentoVoice is positive about the economic news coming from Iraq. This is indeed good news, particularly as it comes from the (normally) heavily biased al-Jazeera.

- Michelle Malkin notes that the recent allegations over domestic wire-taps without warrants are not turning people against the NSA. On the contrary, most appear to believe that this action is justified, or at least shows that the White House is willing to protect the United States, as seen by Virginia Centrist; even some of those who question the Bush administration appear to have a difficult time challenging this decision.

- John Hawkins notes the incredible challenges facing black Republicans in the United States, facing racial epithets that are normally derided in other situations. In particular, he speaks of Ted Hayes, a black Republican trying to aid the homeless (Evan Coyne Maloney also looked at this). Hayes founded the Dome Village, using a rented space to house the homeless. His landlord and him agreed that the contract could be terminated at any time for any reason. After the landlord found out Hayes was a Republican after a televised interview, he raised the rent six-fold, leaving Hayes with no option but to (at least temporarily) close the Dome Village. While this does follow the contract, and I suspect that a Good Samaritan will arise to give Hayes a good rate elsewhere, it does beg the question; why are black Republicans such as Mr. Hayes and Maryland Lieutenant Governor Michael Steele free targets for racism while it is unacceptable elsewhere? Indeed, this may be the king of all double-standards and hypocrisy.

- Jerry Fuhrman is frustrated at the late start time of Monday Night Football. While there are a few of us over the age of 21 that can watch Monday Night Football (I have this season, but next season may be another thing all together), it is rather difficult for anyone holding a full-time job to watch the entire game. Jerry suggests a 6 o'clock start time; I'll do one better. Do the starting time based on the coast the teams are on. The 9 o'clock time allows for west coast teams, and that is fine when Oakland, San Fransisco, and Seattle are playing. But when it is Washington, Atlanta, and Jacksonville, an earlier start time would be more appropriate. Obviously, this leaves difficulties for games such as San Diego playing Baltimore, but a compromise for the start time (7 pm or 8 pm maybe) should be acceptable, so that both coasts can still see the end of the game if nothing else.

- Lowell, over at Raising Kaine, is running a poll on who should challenge George Allen next year for Senate. I cannot say that I am a fan of Lowell, but he does seem to understand that a competitor needs to stand up if they want to see George Allen take a hit before starting his 2008 presidential campaign. While I think these efforts are futile (George Allen's ratings rival Mark Warner's), letting him go unchallenged would prove to only be a bigger boost for George Allen's presidential aspirations. I sure hope this happens, even if that is a bit unrealistic.

- And finally, the end of the world is indeed coming in the form of global warming. Just look at Britain. It was a balmy -10° C (14° F) overnight, and heavy snow has been predicted for much of the country. Better get some more sunscreen and shorts, because a bona fide heat wave that will last from now until eternity is coming.