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March 14, 2006

Pro Athletes and Political Donations

Via the ACC Basketblog, here is a list of political donations and the athletes who have given them. The donations are listed under Dems, GOP, and special interests, and clicking on the name of each athlete will bring up a detailed account of their donations. The ACC Basketblog, purely sports related, decided not to comment, but here at the Red Stater, I never shy away from politics. Note that all donations are since 1978, so some political affiliations may have changed since then, and no donations of less than $250 (of which there are six) are reported.

- Athletes who gave all their donations only to one group most often gave to the GOP, but those who split appear to do so most often between Dems and special interests.
- Lynn Swann, GOP candidate for governor of Pennsylvania has given 19% of his donations to Democrats, and fellow Pittsburgh Steeler alum Jerome Bettis has donated solely to the GOP.
- It appears people associated with NASCAR and football (at both the college and professional levels) are more likely to give more to the GOP.
- Mark Brunell, Joe Gibbs, and Daniel Snyder have only given to the GOP. I wonder if this will affect Virginia Centrist's loyalties?
- Muhammed Ali has given twice as much to the GOP as he did to the Democrats. Very interesting considering his avoidance of the Vietnam War with the War in Iraq and the GWOT being so recent.
- Biggest Givers - David Stern, Jerry Reinsdorf, Robert Kraft.
- Thanks for the spare change cheapo - Bo Schembechler, Bill Romanowski, Armen Keteyian, Larry Csonka, Bert Blylevin, John Andretti.
- Surprising who gives more to Republicans: the aforementioned Jerome Bettis and Muhammed Ali, Karl Malone, Don King, Rafael Palmeiro.
- Surprising who gives more to Democrats: Jerry Jones, Andre Agassi, Joe Theismann, Dean Smith, John McEnroe, Digger Phelps.
- Feeds Special Interests - Dan Rooney, Dan Marino, Mark Cuban, Pat Riley, Jack Nicklaus.
- And George Steinbrenner of the Evil Empire gives most of his donations to the Democrats. Coincidence? I think not.