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April 13, 2006

One Last Thing...

With the birthday of Mr. Jefferson today, and the former successor to Mr. Jefferson's seat returning to Charlottesville, how could I neglect to post this one last thing before I take my sabbatical?

Senator George Allen made a stop here in Charlottesville. Here are a few pictures of our esteemed junior senator and a number of other influential Republicans in Charlottesville.


Virginia Delegate Rob Bell begins the ceremonies.


Congressman Virgil Goode introduces Senator George Allen.


The Senator spent a lot of time thanking everyone present. He then moved into his platform. Good stuff there. Strong on national defense, lower taxes, and border control. He also stressed continued strength in Virginia education, pushed for greater responsibility by those involved in Congress, and praised the new number one export of Virginia, computer memory chips, eclipsing tobacco to be the first product in Virginia's 399 year history to do so.


"We win, they lose, and there is no substitute for victory!" - I agree with Romeocat, that was a good soundbite.


Albemarle County Republican Chairman Keith Drake looks on as Senator Allen speaks.


Senator Allen and family, as he formally announces (again) his campaign to return as our next United States Senator. I do not care if Jim Webb is "George Allen's worst nightmare" or if Harris Miller appears to be an early favorite among Democrats on the whole; George Allen is a spectacular politician, and this is, very much, his race to lose.

And, as a side note, take a look at Too Conservative. He believes that the Redskins' own Darrell Green may be looking to run against Mark Herring for the 33rd District for the State Senate. Having always been a huge Washington Redskins fan and a great admirer of Darrell Green, this is exciting news indeed. Must be copying Lynn Swann ;) .

And (I apologize if this is sounds like it is tooting my own horn) I heard earlier today from a friend that she was disappointed that I was discontinuing my work here. It is a great compliment to me that anyone will make this humble blog a daily (or weekly, or monthly) read. Again, thank you to anyone who supports me in any way here at the Red Stater. Continue to fight the good fight: ensure that Rob Schilling prevents a Democratic monopoly on the Charlottesville City Council; help George Allen build a lead that makes his "biggest nightmare" nothing but a day dream; and stand for what is right. I look forward to my return; do not worry, it should not be for too long. Expect to see me back by June, shortly after graduation. Perhaps I'll post some images from my "Honor of Honors".