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June 26, 2006


Social networks have been quite popular in recent years. Everything from MySpace to Facebook to a vast number of sites specifically established for dating. While there has been some controversy surrounding these networks, most of what is posted is not out of the ordinary and would not, for example, hinder someone from receiving a job. What someone posts to their site is public and they should be careful to not incriminate themselves in any way; still, most of what is posted is generally considered appropriate or at least fairly normal. Indeed, I am a member of some social networks, but do not post anything which could place me into a difficult position (though, I do not imagine I would have much I could post that would get me into trouble).

So what do we have? From the same people who complain that the government is spying on them is a post from the DU - Virginia branch themselves, Raising Kaine. Jacqui Newman was elected the new Political Director of the CRFV, and she is chastized for, *gasp*, being a Republican. Imagine that. This in itself is not too abnormal. But Lowell takes it one step further, and posts a link to Jacqui's (what is apparently now defunct) XuQa.com account. It appears that Jacqui took note of the attention and decided that she no longer wanted her information to be public anymore, so she removed it, which is entirely her right. And what does Lowell do? He posts some of her personal information on his site after she made a rather clear move to stay out of the public spotlight. He claims those "Republicans are amazing." Maybe us Republicans should start searching these social networks for somewhat well-known liberals and doing the same sort of thing. Oh wait, then, we would be just like the NSA; but Lowell is just a whistleblower. What was I thinking?

Double standards are normal for liberals like Lowell, but this is pretty low. I just have to hope he does not turn his sights my way; I would not be surprised if he would try to compromise my pseudonymity just to get a few more comments on his blog.

UPDATE 10:15 PM: It appears I am not the only one frustrated with Lowell right now. I'm Not Emeril appears to agree, and TC also notes the derogatory way that Lowell refers to Attorney General Bob McDonnell whose daughter is serving in Iraq (what is it that Democrats say about politicians and their children involving Iraq?).

Kilo has this in addition to say in the comments below.
Lowell posts that with no other intention but to embarrass this young girl. That is very revealing about Lowell.
I mean Lowell was in college in the early 80's so we can guess his age. After all these years he still likes to pick on young girls. Very revealing indeed.
Excellent point Kilo, one I overlooked initially. Bully tactics are bad enough, but imagine if instead of the blogosphere, Lowell was saying this kind of stuff in the middle of a work environment? Sounds like a sexual harrassment situation to me.

And I can only imagine how others feel concerning this situation. Does Jacqui have a boyfriend? If so, I am sure he is hopping mad. Brothers? Potentially, a worse group to anger. And if I were Lowell, I would avoid her father, because I suspect, like most fathers, he would be very protective of his daughter.