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June 02, 2006

New Stuff

The Virginia Blogosphere was certainly busy around my break. SST is no more. Will Vehrs is no longer blogging. Waldo set up another blog aggregator (how much free time does Waldo have? :) ). The Red Stater is no exception, as I have made a few (much smaller) changes here.

Speaking of the Virginia Political Blogs, Waldo was kind enough to invite The Red Stater to the list, not too long after I had to pull from the Charlottesville Blogs list (I still live in Virginia, but I am no longer a resident of Charlottesville, so it would be dishonest to remain on that list). That association is now noted on the sidebar, and I thank Waldo again, who, despite our obvious political differences, has still shown support for my continued blogging.

Secondly, with mutual links always hard to keep up with, I have added Technorati link for blogs that link to The Red Stater. This, I hope, will be of use to both readers and myself.

And of course, I have added the banners that go to the official website for George Allen's reelection campaign. All I am left wondering now is when the Allen campaign will add a "Wahoos for Allen" banner. Are they afraid they will lose the Hokie vote?