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May 24, 2006

Will Vehrs Signs Off

Today, Will Vehrs is leaving the blogosphere, but not on the good note that SST did.

In a recent caption contest held at CC, Will made a comment that offended some of those whom he works with in Martinsville. The comments were made in jest, but Will received a scarlet letter for his comments. This is sad because this joke has forced Will to decide to leave blogging, for concern over how future posts may be perceived. This is something I myself have done everything to avoid (I post under a pseudonym and I do not post about my employer; commenting on my alma mater is a different subject altogether), but it is understandable that slip-ups do happen. Still, because of it, Will has now been demonized, and an apology was not enough. Perhaps Waldo put it best.

Good luck Will, in your future endeavors. The Virginia blogosphere will not be the same.