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May 22, 2006

Graduation Pics

Before I put up a few pictures, I am announcing my return is coming a little earlier than I stated a couple nights ago. Plans change, so instead of coming back later this week, I will start tonight first by asking of any readers their opinion. As I am now a graduate and no longer with the College Republicans, I wonder how appropriate the pseudonym CR UVa is now. Should I retain it (not as appropriate now as before) or make a change to something new (almost forcing a restart as readers will now have to recognize a new name)? And if I should change it, what to? The Red Stater (familiarity) or something else (a little creativity never hurt anyone)? I appreciate any input on this that I receive.

Now, back to the main point of this post, graduation was a great experience. It was a fun time to spend with friends and family, and I received my "honor of honors". Yet, it was quite surreal. Time flies, and the last four years were certainly no exception.

Some of the students waiting before the procession down the lawn.

With around 4,000 students set to graduate, we were fairly spread out on the north side of the Rotunda.

I was about 2/3 of the way back, and there were still a lot of students following.

I have never seen so many people on the Lawn. It was quite impressive.

Governor Tim Kaine spoke to the University. Surprisingly, he gave a good speech. He stayed away from politics, other than the stray mention of "bipartisanship" concerning his status as a fan of Virginia Tech; he was promptly booed (this never would have happened with Jerry Kilgore, a UVa fan). Still, as I said, I enjoyed his address to the University. He spoke of the adventure that laid ahead, with admiration for service and exploration. While I doubt I will enjoy too many of his other speeches (I am still waiting to hear what the "better way" is), he may have actually given a graduation speech to remember.

Just for some perspective as to how far away I was seated. Still, it is not particularly far, as the other viewers were further up the Lawn.

James Atticus Bowden had a daughter graduate yesterday. Maggie Bowden, though someone I never had the opportunity to meet, was a great columnist at the Cavalier Daily. James Bowden is quite humble; he is a good writer in his own right as well.

Thanks to Chad for the recognition and support. And it now appears that I can again post comments at Commonwealth Conservative; I guess my apartment back at school was not much appreciated by Spam Karma (why, I still do not know).

Steve Whitaker posts the time lapse video taken from the Lawn. It is amazing to see so many people file in and out, and the video does a great job at showing just how large an event that UVa's graduation is.

An "adventure" awaits. We must "cast off our lines" and set sail. I am told that a degree from the University of Virginia is proof that I am ready. I sure hope so.