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December 27, 2006

Gerald Ford, RIP

The only man to never be elected to the presidency yet serve in the highest office has died at the age of 93. While people remember him for being bumbling because of a couple of stumbles and as the man who pardoned Richard Nixon, Gerald Ford was given a very difficult challenge. Coming up because of the impeachment was no small feat, and having to deal with an ever-worsening war in Vietnam (part of which can be blamed on the Democrats, who decided to blame Richard Nixon for all the troubles while being the ones themselves to hinder the efforts). He was also one of the greatest athletes to ever become president (and many recent presidents have shown some athletic ability). He survived two assasination attempts, starting a trend that continues to this day (Reagan shot by Hinckley, Bush-41 targeted by Saddam, and Bush-43 being targeted by a faulty grenade in the nation of Georgia). The four remaining living presidents are both Bushes, Bill Clinton, and Jimmy Carter.

Rest in peace Gerald Ford.