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May 02, 2005

Apparently, UVa now can police the internet

Over the last couple weeks, there has been an outcry over a couple posts at The Facebook (for anyone not familiar with this website, it allows for students, alumni, and faculty from schools all across the nation to connect with friends and display personal information like major and favorite quotes). These are certainly questionable additions; they are groups that members can join on the site that marginalize women of Asian heritage. I am usually the first person to question calls of stereotypes, but I have to agree that these groups are inappropriate. The Facebook does not allow for racism on its site, and with a message sent to the webmasters, these groups would likely be disbanded.

However, this very simple action was not taken. Instead, Daisy Rodriguez, the assistant dean for Asian/Asian-Pacific-American students called the students responsible in to discuss it with them. Last time I checked, none of the faculty at the University of Virginia had domain over the internet. While the "officers" of these groups may need to make a change in their viewpoints, it is not the responsibility of the university to enforce something like that.

I usually do not agree with the Cavalier Daily Lead Edit, but they hit the nail on the head on this topic.
Any time the administration embarks on a crusade to appease offended students, they risk falling down a very slippery slope. There are any number of facebook groups which are potentially offensive[sic] to any number of people, not to mention daily words and actions; should students be hauled before a dean every time a peer is insulted?

UPDATE 10:30 PM: I found reason to bump this post up to the top of the blog. Not an hour after I posted this, I already saw my first comment. This comment has been deleted from the comment section, and I will not share it because it is far more disrespectful than anything covered in this post. I have defended Pastor John. the author of the offending comment, a couple times before, even though his blog runs on a far-right wing tilt, much further than I would ever dare to tread or even consider. However, these sort of posts will not be allowed. Consider this a warning for now John; I will not allow comments like this, and any similar comments from here on out will get you banned. You can say anything you want on your blog, but I will not allow comments like this on mine.