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November 04, 2005

Tim Kaine goes to Charlottesville

Yesterday, Tim Kaine appeared on-grounds to energize the most energized and liberal portion of the state, Charlottesville. The University Democrats were very excited to see him come in, and were ready to greet him and everyone else there with signs and cheering. What they did not expect was opposition.

The University of Virginia College Republicans were ready with Jerry Kilgore, Bill Bolling, and Bob McDonnell signs, ready to show Tim Kaine that taking Virginia will not be a walk in the park for him. The UDems easily outnumbered the CRs, but this was expected. What is unexpected is that this happened, as stated by the CR Chairman, for the first time at any event where members of both groups appeared this year. While the GOTV (Get Out The Vote) is very important, it shows either cockiness or apathy by the UDems, either of which is very dangerous for the Tim Kaine campaign.

Whitney Blake was also present, and was not too pleased with the way the UDems acted.
They literally stood in front of us with their signs and when we tried to move, they would just follow. One Kaine supporter told me our actions were "tacky" and a "low blow." Ever hear of free speech?
So much for "dissent is patriotic", eh? Don't believe us? Take a look at the following picture.
Kilgore sign blocked
(Clicking on the image goes to a larger image)
Here is Whitney herself, holding up a Jerry Kilgore sign, and two Tim Kaine signs have been strategically placed in front of her.

Waldo tries to point back to an old post of mine, but he fails to note one obvious difference in the use of signs. The CRs on this past Saturday were trying to prevent a Tim Kaine spy from acquiring footage to use in a negative ad; the UDems tried to act as though Jerry Kilgore did not exist (can anyone say desperation?).

As for Russ Potts, it appears that he is not even a factor anymore. Potts hatred of Kilgore apparently is not enough to become a spoiler, let alone a legitimate contender.

Almost all of the recent polls place the difference within the margin of error, making this a dead heat. With just four days left, the Kilgore GOTV will be starting up, though there are questions about whether Tim Kaine has one, and with no cushion in this race, the GOTV will ultimately decide who wins (how many of the unlikely voters get to the poll that is). Was Tim Kaine's visit to to Charlottesville a last ditch attempt to scrounge together an improvised GOTV (rather than the organized one set up by the Republicans), or was it the beginning of the end of the Tim Kaine campaign?

Help ensure the second option. Get involved in the GOTV, and help make Tim Kaine's visit to Charlottesville moot.