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November 06, 2005

The Final 72 Hours

It is hard to believe that this election is coming to an end, but on Tuesday, all of our hard work will finally pay off. The polls suggest a close race coming into this weekend. What should we expect to happen over the next few days?
Here are the University Democrats campaigning at yesterday's UVa-Temple football game.
Here are the College Republicans.

Again, the University Democrats outnumbered the College Republicans, but that is all they suceeded at. No joke, these two pictures show the central set-up for both groups, right in front of the stadium for all to be aware of. The University Democrats again placed themselves right in front of the College Republicans; however, they were ill-prepared for the very visible set-up placed by the College Republicans. Even the arrival of a few larger Tim Kaine signs were not enough to divert attention from the Jerry Kilgore/Bill Bolling/Bob McDonnell table. People were excited to come up to the Kilgore table and get stickers and cups to display their preferred candidates (though some walked by with some snide comments; doesn't that sound like desperation?). The University Democrats also had Tim Kaine stickers to hand out. That is, after they recognized that we had been handing out Jerry Kilgore stickers for more than half an hour. There were even a few kids who managed to snatch a Tim Kaine sign away from the University Democrats and stick a bunch of Jerry Kilgore stickers on it.

So what does this little set-up mean? It is only one day's work at one place, right?

Not even close.

This was just a taste of what is going on all over the Commonwealth this weekend. The GOP GOTV is in full force, while the Democrats are lacking in this level of organization. Come Tuesday, Republicans all across Virginia will be aware of the election and will be ready to vote for Jerry Kilgore, Bill Bolling, and Bob McDonnell, as well as for their Republican local candidates. Keep up the hard work GOTVers, this year will be ours with continued efforts.

On a side note, I am considering live-blogging on Tuesday. I will be working a poll on Tuesday afternoon and will be with other University of Virginia College Republicans, Charlottesville Republicans, and Albemarle GOP that evening watching the good news roll in. If I do, I will have images of the events around me and a number of posts (or one, very large and continuously growing post).

Keep up the good work Virginia GOP. There is no rest until 7 p.m. Tuesday.