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November 07, 2005

I can hear the collective whine of the left now...

This is exactly why I say to not trust the polls. The poll still suggests a lead for Tim Kaine, but it is clearly not as large as their campaign would like it to be at this time. With five points seperating the two (and the Washington Post conceding that a win would likely only happen if Tim Kaine had more than a five point lead; this trend is also noted by Lighthorse Harry), it is neck-and-neck.

This is it. Polls open in T-minus 7 hours, 36 minutes. Get to the polls. Remind your Republican friends to vote for Jerry Kilgore tomorrow. Put out the yard signs and wear the stickers. While I am confident that Jerry Kilgore will lead his ticket to a sweep, it will come down to all of us.

In twenty-four hours we can celebrate our hard work. Right now, much still lies ahead; rest up or continue your efforts, and do not stop until 7 pm when the polls close.