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November 08, 2005

Liveblogging Election Day

It is Election Day, and I am going to try something new. I will be attempting to liveblog today (where possible; internet access is not always available). This post will be continuously updated throughout the day, and may include a number of pictures, links, and my thoughts as the day wears on. The updates will come at the top of the following list, so if you are just visiting for the first time today, start at the end and work your way up for the entire day.

9:45 PM: This is quite disappointing. I will comment on what I feel went wrong later.
7 PM: Polls are closed.
6:55 PM: Polls are about to close. It has been interesting, I have talked with a liberal (not a fan of Kilgore, and really hates President Bush, but was generally reasonable) and a swing-voter working for their candidates here (the Democratic ticket and a school board member for Albemarle respectively), and they both gave me some good conversation. It has been quiet for the last two hours, but there are a few last minute votes coming in. Shortly, we will be heading to Wolfie's here in Charlottesville to watch the results with the Albemarle Republicans. I do not suspect I will have internet access there; if there is, I will live blog some of the results as they come in. Otherwise (and either way), I'd suggest looking to Norman, Will, and Chad for results as they come in.
5:10 PM: Expecting a big boost from the end of the work day, it has gotten really quiet instead. I suspect that that is what I should expect here. Of note, Will, Norman, and Chad will be liveblogging the results tonight (I'm not sure I can promise the same right now). Also, welcome all readers from Spark It Up and thanks for the link Kilo!
4:45 PM: Wireless access here at UHall has been a bit fuzzy, so I have not been able to post as much as I would like, but it has not been incredibly busy either. This precinct is notorious for low voter turnout. And this has just been confirmed. One of the workers here said that 367 (out of approximately 1500) have voted, and they expect only about 80 more to come in. Alas, I along with slow turnout is slow connection, thus I may have to put pictures in a later post. At this point, the weather has varied a bit, with the rain having ended about a couple hours ago, but I do wonder if this may have affected how many people will come out to vote here and in other areas of Virginia. I've seen a taxi pull in and wait for a little while, and I saw Cari (whose blog Drunk on Democracy has since been discontinued) come through. Christian Schoenewald and his wife came to thank us for our work. This post may not have sounded so garbled were it not for the spotty internet access.
2:30 PM: Well, the weather was good for a while.
Now, not so much.
I arrived at University Hall an hour ago, and it has been raining a little, delaying my post. Hasn't stopped some of the wingbats from coming out though.
Real mature.
9 AM: I voted absentee (as most students do), but Will Vehrs spoke of his voting experience today and in the past. Pretty impressive there; I have only voted once on the day of an election, this summer in the primary. Each of the years prior was done by absentee ballot.
8 AM: The polls have been open for two hours now, though because of a class, I will not be able to start working them until early this afternoon. And after last night's speech by President Bush, it appears that many Republicans are very optimistic, including Whitney, who has posted more than 150 pictures of the event. Let's not let them down, so get out to the polls and vote.